…formally known as “The CowTippin’Idiots

We started caching 4 years ago when my daughter was two. We were a team/cast of 5. Three have since moved on to either get their own accounts or not cache at all anymore (I know…who does that?)

Now that my daughter is 6, literate and quite linguistically aware, she has decided to take offense at our team name and would like to be known otherwise, although my husband gave us this name with all the best intentions; when he first saw that we were heading out to find tupperware in the woods in Vasey at night during the first snowfall of the year, he said, “What are you Cow tippin’ idiots up to now?” Our team name was born.

My daughter has been with me on 95% of the cache finds. We have most likely eaten collectively more than 100 peanut butter sandwiches in the car on cache-runs, my daughter has laid down on almost every trail in the Simcoe County Forest Series and refused another step, she yelled out “Do it again” when we got mud on the inside roof our Suzuki, because mom made a wrong turn and forgot to close the windows before sinking in the mud and my daughter was potty trained in our bathroom and in the forests of Huronia.

Unfortunately my daughter no longer likes our team name and hasn’t for some time. I will have to move on with my own account and once she finds her own geocaching identity we will write logs of her own.  My daughter is still with me on the cache hunts.  We still bring random people along on these trips,  but the Cow Tippin’ Idiots are no more…


We never win anything!

It's almost just like Christmas.

It's almost just like Christmas.

This time we did! We were the lucky winners of Erika Jean’s Blog contest! How cool is that.
Hannah was very excited to pick this up at the mail box tonight.

Klingon Quiddler

Klingon Quiddler, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

If we had been playing in Klingon, I would have had the highest score ever!!!!

Do I look like my mom?

Do I look like my mom?, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

There is a picture of me somewhere in my parents’ photo albums of me in the exact same pose. It’s a different house, a different piano, I think it is even a different country and taken while on vacation in Vienna, but the look is the same…just 31 years earlier.

Pumpking Project

paintingorange5, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

Can’t wait to do the rest of the kitchen in this orange

Turning the Kitchen into a pumpkin!

paintingorange4, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

We started the transformation on the weekend.

The Fart

The Fart, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

If you are famliar at all with Robert Munch’s books, then you may have come across this character. The giant Fart that consumes a nice Canadian family and the police officers who try to subdue him is pictured here. I won’t tell you how the little girl in the story stops the giant fart from getting out of the house to terrorize other Canadian families. At the end of the book the mother stays up all night to make this doll for her. Hannah loves this part and kept dragging this fabric out for me to go to work on.
Finally finished it late on a Wednesday night while watching some really bad reality tv.