The Fart

The Fart, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

If you are famliar at all with Robert Munch’s books, then you may have come across this character. The giant Fart that consumes a nice Canadian family and the police officers who try to subdue him is pictured here. I won’t tell you how the little girl in the story stops the giant fart from getting out of the house to terrorize other Canadian families. At the end of the book the mother stays up all night to make this doll for her. Hannah loves this part and kept dragging this fabric out for me to go to work on.
Finally finished it late on a Wednesday night while watching some really bad reality tv.

Addendum to the Chiffon Dress Photo Shoot

The Money Shot aka as good as it gets

Dress Front

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We had to take over 60 photos before we could actually find one good one of her showing off the dress….

Easter Chiffon Project Complete!

She finally liked it once I washed all the starch out and it didn’t feel like  she was wearing wax paper anymore.

Chiffon Dress

I am just glad that the fabric is gone and I will know better than to buy chiffon again!!!

Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon
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I cut the bodice three times before I was happy with it. I had completely forgotten how little forgiveness this fabric has for the impatient. My secret weapon is photographed here. I basically worked the fabric like it was cardstock. and this was an origami project.

I did have a plan of sorts

pattern pieces
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I had developed pattern pieces and everything. In the end the only “tailored” piece was the bodice. The high-rise skirt was the standard handkerchief
pattern which always hangs well, since it is all cut on the bias without a single seam.
I did have to ask Dr. Math  about calculating a radius when I only know the circumference. Who knew that geometry would still be important today. I would have paid attention if I had known. .

The Problem with Chiffon


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It is so sheer! I knew when I started this that I would need a plan.
So I just started cutting!

Hunk o’ Chiffon


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So Easter weekend it was time to finally do something with that tie-die chiffon I bought about 10 years ago in Vienna. It has been sitting in one of my stash boxes under the bed for a decade, shipped overseas once, moved within our own community twice and I needed to assign this really beautiful fabric a purpose.

So Hannah has this dress, which is far too small for her now, but she refuses to give it up. I was hoping to create something of a similar pattern that she would hopefully love as much.

Step one…Drag Hunk o’ Chiffon out from under the bed…(see over to the right…first attempt to blog directly from Flickr..not impressed)