Why would this happen in this day and age?  

​While at the north end of Bayfield Street in Barrie, Ontario today, we entered the drive through at Tim Hortons.  

My daughter, who suffers from anxiety, had a panic attack, was inconsolable and sobbing somewhat loudly.  

When we got to the speaker to order, my daughter was already overwhelmed, could not make up her mind to place an order so I let “the voice” know that we had changed our minds, apologized and that we would be driving through.  

Instead of a civil response we heard someone mocking the cries and sobs of my daughter.  We simply moved ahead and weighed our response.  

When we got to the window, the employee was more interested in seeing who was in the car than my apology for going through and not ordering.  My offer of an apology for taking up time was completely ignored.  I have received more recognition of my existence from fence posts   

My gut response, once out of the line up, as a mother was to go inside and demand just treatment for my daughter and an apology.   However, this would have exacerbated my daughter’s panic attack.  

I  am speechless at the lack of compassion shown here, the absence of civility, the ignorance of the human condition and the complete disregard for simple customer service skills.  

What is wrong with that employee?   

Why would I post this publicly rather than on a customer feedback form on Tim Hortons web page?  Because my last submission via that web page went completely ignored.   I was letting them know about leaky cups which did not hurt my feelings but was simply inconvenient.