My Friend, Darren

My Friend, Darren, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

I am by no means a great photographer. I own a camera that is way beyond me. I don’t have the patience for all the settings and can’t be bothered to read the manual that weighs more than my first born.
My friend, Darren is a great photographer though, so I spent almost our entire geocaching event trip taking pictures of him, taking pictures.

Remembering Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox, originally uploaded by Allegromouse.

Two years ago Hannah had the Chicken Pox. They showed up while we were camping in Parry Sound, Ontario.
Rather than mess around with cotton balls and Calamine Lotion, we bought a paint brush at the dollar store in town and painted her head to toe with the lotion. She was over it in a week.
While other parents were pulling their children out of daycare only to have them get it anyway, we were glad it was done and over.