…formally known as “The CowTippin’Idiots

We started caching 4 years ago when my daughter was two. We were a team/cast of 5. Three have since moved on to either get their own accounts or not cache at all anymore (I know…who does that?)

Now that my daughter is 6, literate and quite linguistically aware, she has decided to take offense at our team name and would like to be known otherwise, although my husband gave us this name with all the best intentions; when he first saw that we were heading out to find tupperware in the woods in Vasey at night during the first snowfall of the year, he said, “What are you Cow tippin’ idiots up to now?” Our team name was born.

My daughter has been with me on 95% of the cache finds. We have most likely eaten collectively more than 100 peanut butter sandwiches in the car on cache-runs, my daughter has laid down on almost every trail in the Simcoe County Forest Series and refused another step, she yelled out “Do it again” when we got mud on the inside roof our Suzuki, because mom made a wrong turn and forgot to close the windows before sinking in the mud and my daughter was potty trained in our bathroom and in the forests of Huronia.

Unfortunately my daughter no longer likes our team name and hasn’t for some time. I will have to move on with my own account and once she finds her own geocaching identity we will write logs of her own.  My daughter is still with me on the cache hunts.  We still bring random people along on these trips,  but the Cow Tippin’ Idiots are no more…