For inexplicable reasons Hannah is now fascinated with sharks. Everything is about sharks, what they do, how they swim, what they eat, who they eat and in particular their relationship to mermaids……

Hannah’s Shark….(I added the eyes and smile with big teeth as per her request)


Peeking in the Window..

Check out who got caught with a beak-full yesterday afternoon.

Hurray for CAA! BOO WINTER!
The car (our VW Golf) quit on Highway 12 yesterday and had to be left there with the 4-ways on. We had the car pulled over to the side and Joe was standing behind it so people would see it. After all our 3 year-old and a 22 year-old young woman who rides to work twith Joe were both in the car. Joe waited for 20 minutes before a neighbour, who was actually heading the other way, turned around to pick up Joe and the kids. NICE! All the people in the world who Joe knows and works with, who would have been driving by at that time…….anyway…that’s a rant for another day…..

So I called CAA and had a co-worker drive me over to stand with it, while I waited for CAA. On our way there there was a little Nissan Sentra changing lanes every so slowing and really not concerned with the fact that it was actually not in its own lane or that it was travelled at the speed of lint. As we finally got the room to pass, we saw a young person (gender is irrelevant) right up on the steering wheel, frozen in fear…my point…if you’re so scared of winter driving….call a cab. It’s safer for us all…I will even admit that I have done it when I didn’t feel safe driving myself. Cabbies and Cabbettes drive in our winters all the time and it’s so much easier on us all to be travelling on the roads with drivers who are confident.

Anyhoo….back to the dead car story… we pull up to the spot wher the gold is “supposed to be” I don’t see any Golf….nothing!
So I come home only to find out that the police called, stating that my Golf had caused an accident and they had it towed. At this point, after the adreniline rush, I start to feel bad that maybe someone was hurt seriously. The towing company had taken my car to their impound lot. Luckily the company is an inlaw of sorts so my car was brought home, fee paid and I may recoup this fee from CAA since I had already called. I had a chance to ask the tow truck driver what happened at the accident and found out that the accident actually took place on the opposite side fo the road and my car did not cause it. THANK GOD!!! Feeling much better now. Still don’t know what the car had to be towed so immediately…but anyway…….