Toonces the Driving Cat -The Original

Toonces without a cause

After the Cat Driving Videos

Hannah thought it might be a good idea to teach J.C. to read. That way he can study up on his driving handbook. (PS: At “school” she tells stories about her and J.C. stealing my car so they can go driving around. When asked where they they go, her answer is quite simply,” WALMART!”)

Ok ..ONe more Tounces Video ..or should I say TOONCINATOR!

THis is the last driving cat video I will post on this blog…It took me a long time to recover from laughing again though. Have fun.

Who can forget Toonsies the Driving Cat

It doesn’t matter how often I watch this one I still laugh. I love the part when Victoria What’s Her Name saus,”Tounces, Look OUT!” as TOunces is “losing” control of the car yet again. Look closely and you will see his mouth open and his ears go flat.

Tool Belt Dance

All happy about the new tool belt….

Finally Got It!

We finally found this cache after trying twice before already. Here’s Hannah and Darren holding up the trophy!