Sylvia and Richard had a boy!!!!!!

Carson Noel Richard Norton-Sutherland was born on Friday, October 27th, 2006 9.39 pm at Orillia’s Soldier’s Memorial Hospital. He was 7lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long.

Sylvia had a good delivery and is doing really well.

Geocaching Weekend Part 2

We all set out after lunch on Sunday afternoon to try and conquer Offroader’s Dream. . It was rainy and miserable but we thought we would try it anyway. Just as we started into the last 5.5 km of the trip, which was where the regualr road ended and the off roading began, our smallest geocacher fell asleep in the back seat. She slept all through the road trip in to no man’s land and all theway an and through the actual find itself as well. We left big brother in the “car” while the intrepid mother wandered out through the swamp and rocks to find the cache. The find was relatively easy. Signed the log book and left again quickly. It was a funny thing to meet up with other people along the road. Makes you wonder what all goes on back there in no-man’s land……

And we forgot to mention….

This last geocache marks the 30th successful geocache! Not necessarily the 30th time we have gone out to find a geocache though…..there have been many snow-covered days that had Allegro Mouse’s Mom digging through 3 feet of snow only to give up with frost-bitten toes and paws….

That’s what we get for starting this sport in winter!

Geocaching Weekend part 1

Out we went to find the last two of the series! It all started out with a short direct walk to find the first of the two caches we had set out to find today. Martin found it quickly with his eagle eyes. Our GPS showed us that the next location was only about 500+ metres away. This seemed ok at the time, except that the trail was not direct. Hannah started getting really tired along the way and wanted to go to sleep. (which really means something for a kid who has fought sleep her entire life!). Mom ended up leaving brother and sister to sit on a log and walked back to get the official geocaching vehicle of the CowTippinIdiots and pick them on the back trails of the Wildman Simcoe County Forest. We ended up driving through some pretty mucky stuff to finally make it to the cache, while a certain allegromouse fell asleep in the back seat!

All in all a great day. We’re off again tomorrow to try another geocache called “offroaders dream” let’s see how this goes….

Turkey Day!

… the turkey was in the oven, Hannah, Martin and Mom headed out the the Wye Marsh to see the Birds of Prey Program. This was an incredible way to spend Sunday afternoon while another “non-raptorous” bird ironicallly worked on his tan-line in our oven.

Here’s Hannah petting “Jimmer” a Barn Owl. The whole program was about an hour long and Hannah sat through most of it watching the Birds. Aside from Jimmer the Barn Owl they also show a Perigrine Falcon, a Red Tailed Hawk and a Harris Hawk. Merlin, the Harris Hawk, is quite the ham too. After the Birds of Prey Show we took a walk to see the Trumper Swans but they were out. So we sat on a bench.
After sitting through the Birds fo Prey Show and sitting on the bench, we came home and recovered from the day with a rest on the couch with brother Martin and a movie.