Huge Update Part 1

OK so this update is not profoundly life-altering-ly “huge” as the title of this blog may infer, but the “huge” really refers more to the physical size of this entry, as we have been rather lax in updating on the Allegro Mouse’s activities lately, or at least not since our trip to Santa’s Village. The summer went well with Hannah either hanging out with her Counsin, Allison and her daughter Olivia, or with her Grandma and Apo (Opa) in the country. With an acre to run about, sooo many trees to climb and even a few cats to chase, Grandma’s house is always lots of fun. Mind you the numerous trips to the swimming pool and the Fun Stop with Allison are nothing to spit at either. All in all a pretty good summer.

Allison bought a giant Simba this summer who was supposed to stay at Allison’s house for Hannah to play with when she came to visit. Simba took on a larger than life importance for Hannah and hasn’t left her side too often. Here’s a little picture of him serving as a pillow while reading Dr. Zeuss with Dad one night this summer.


The summer finished off with the traditional Children’s parade which is hosted by the Beach and Cottager’s Association where we live. We had a fabulous costume picked out this year. We were going as a WORKER BEE, but unfortunately received the wrong start time from “Uncle” (you know who I’m talking about) and were ready to go an hour too late. It was a great costume. We even had a hard hat and safetly googles for the “safety-conscious” WORKER BEE picked out. Oh well…what a halloween costume we will have this fall…. You must also notice the “Dorothy Shoes” which Dad picked up at a friend’s lawnsale. Much like Simba these took on a life of their own for a number of days as well. They are about 4 sizes too big and incredibly loud in the house since we almost completely got rid off all the carpeting in the house. She was absolutely in love with them until we forgot them in a shopping cart at Walmart.
ASIDE: I went back to Walmart not 15 minutes later, having realized that she took them off in the shopping cart and we must have left them in the cart and driven away. They were absolutely gone. I stood in line at the Customer Service Desk for about 30 minutes with a crying 3 year old who was barefoot. Nothing. My friend’s son, who works at Walmart in the parking lot moving carts about and helping people to their cars with their purchases, hadn’t seen them either, as he had that very day, not 10 minutes before my return, cleared the carts on the other side of the lot. Of course luck would not smile upon us and have someone we actually know, who might care, clear the shopping carts on the side of the parking lot where we were parked. My friend, who sometimes has to pick her son up at night after working late, told me that people quite often purchase shoes at Walmart and leave their old ones right in the parking lot. Not even bothering to throw them in the garbage if they are done with them. She suspects that whoever found the red shoes in the parking lot must have assumed that very thing and simply thrown them away. All too sad….Anyhooooo back to the update….
….Later that day, as Dad worked away on the car “he told me not to buy” Hannah thought that maybe her tools from the tool belt could help out in reparing the “Rustang”. The Rustang unfortunately needs a $250 part which is really not on the top of our priority list here since we moved over to a brand new, fabulous, but expensive, daycare.


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