Santa’s Village Day

We took today (mid-week, I might add) and travelled up 11 to Santa’s Village in Bracebridge. What a place for a three year old. Sure we did the train ride, the water park, the reindeer feeding and even paid $6 to win 2 stuffies which are currently the most important toys in the world.

Where did the three year old spend the most time at Santa’s Village?? At the playground that is quite similar to every other playground that we drive or walk to here at home. I thought for sue a ride in the swan boats would be the worth standing in line for, but nooooooo… was a fight to get away from the playground everytime we passed it.
In all fairness…
All in all a good day for the Allegro Mouse. This was her not five minutes down the road on the way home…..

She slept all the way home which meant that my hopes of an early bed time for myself were lost. She’s asleep now and should probably sleep straight through until Friday……how about those elf ears??


Computer Crash Recovery….

It’s been a while since I posted here for the adventures of Allegro Mouse and her family…lots has happened since the last post of our evening on board the Georgian Queen .
Joe and I attended a friend/relative’s Jack ‘n’ Jill. Joe did not recover well from this. but that is his own fault.

Hannah and I have been spending our weekends either at our beach or out doing things in the area. Last weekend took us geocaching with brother Martin! Good times. He loved it and wants to head out with us again next weekend.