So, we were at this movie…

Do not go and see this movie ! It took way too long to get anywhere. I really had greater expectations of this film. There were a few highlights to the evening though:

  1. the pirate bucket of popcorn…who can resist a pirate bucket????
  2. Gillian: laugh laugh,**snort**, “ow”….laugh laugh laugh
  3. the 45 minutes of previews (by the time the movie started, I had forgotten what we had actually come to see)

One of the previews was for a movie called, “SNAKES ON A PLANE“. I must go and see this one. Apparently there were going to rename this film Flight 90125 or whatever, because “Snakes on a Plane” was just the working title. One of the lead actors, Samuel L Jackson, , demanded that the title remain the same since it was the title that got him to sign on to the project. I think that I may actually have to go and see this. I can imagine this to be one of those movies where I laugh at inappropriate moments in the film. At the time of this blog entry I am still having trouble convincing people to attend this film with me.

The other day at lunch, this is what I imagined the film to be about……..


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