Boat Cruises and Kings Wharf Evening…

So we went out for an evening on the Georgian Queen. The cruise was actualy a benefit for the Huronia Lightstation Preservation Society. This is a group of lighthouse lovers who are working very hard to restore the Lightstation at Hope Island. This was my VERY belated birthday dinner evening out with Joe Smith. It was a great evening with lots of “our kind” of entertainment. Along the way we waved to our friend, Gillian, who was at the Kings Wharf for an evening of “quality” theatre. Joe waved, but we aren’t sure if she and Aliesha saw us. A++ for effort though.
The view along the way was fabulous and the Penetang cruise really is the best cruise for hearing a few Georgian Bay stories.


This guy seems to get it….

So I was wandering around reading other people’s blogs and came across this guy’s blog. Apparently we are not the only ones with the wildlife woes….

We are currently battling three racoons who are after our birdfeeders. They were able to get the humming bird feeder down from the window. This was at six o’clock at night!

So, we were at this movie…

Do not go and see this movie ! It took way too long to get anywhere. I really had greater expectations of this film. There were a few highlights to the evening though:

  1. the pirate bucket of popcorn…who can resist a pirate bucket????
  2. Gillian: laugh laugh,**snort**, “ow”….laugh laugh laugh
  3. the 45 minutes of previews (by the time the movie started, I had forgotten what we had actually come to see)

One of the previews was for a movie called, “SNAKES ON A PLANE“. I must go and see this one. Apparently there were going to rename this film Flight 90125 or whatever, because “Snakes on a Plane” was just the working title. One of the lead actors, Samuel L Jackson, , demanded that the title remain the same since it was the title that got him to sign on to the project. I think that I may actually have to go and see this. I can imagine this to be one of those movies where I laugh at inappropriate moments in the film. At the time of this blog entry I am still having trouble convincing people to attend this film with me.

The other day at lunch, this is what I imagined the film to be about……..

Nahanni Eating Lunch

no comment necessary…….

I don’t know this guy personally but I like his blog…

So this guy used t work at the museum where I work. My co-worker, Jan, tells great stories about him. “He was so nice. He was so funny” Then she goes on to tell stories that leave me belly-laughing and jan chuckling like a chipmunk. So I manage to find his blog and cannot stop reading it. Got the blog? Check it out!!