Hannah Mouse finished her first 6-week dance class today. We went from running in the opposite direction from everyone in the first class to actually participating in the songs and dances with everyone and even sashaying down the dance floor with other other kids at the final recital. There were no incidents of putting any choke-holds of death on anyone, we even tried to share our beany baby with the little brother of one of the dancers who was crying for whatever reason. (They actually have one point in the dance recital where all the kids dance with the beanie babies between their knees and do something that resembles the twist.)
I am quite impressed. She may actually survive in large groups afterall.

We celebrated the dance recital by going to “Booger King” for supper followed by a trip to Dollorama for the fun of it. We wandered the aisles looking for something fun to bring home for Daddy. Just when we were sure that we were going to go home empty-handed, we spotted it in the very last aisle that we checked.


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