A new friend on the back deck….

After a number of nights of finding the flower boxes uprooted, the bird feeders “pawed-at” and the very small hand prints on my car hood every morning, I thought for sure we only had those blasted racoons to contend with on the back deck. Here’s a picture of Joe’s newest friend. A much gentler and kinder animal, he/she simply got in the trap, stayed there all night, was moved to a new location and released. We didn’t even know that the trap had gone off until this morning. I think that he/she even turned around and waved good-bye on that back concession road.
Now for the racoons……

Cats just know things………

Well we went to the doctor’s office today after a night of coughing and being generally cranky. Truth be known, I could not have done another night of 5 minutes sleep spurts that amount at the most to 2 hours.

It turns out that we do indeed have “stuff” in our lungs and are wheezing. (HA! See I am not nuts and over-reacting)

Anyway…we now have the medicine ($154.00 OUCH!….thank god for drug plans!) that will help our breathing. In the meantime we have the wonder-cat J.C. to comfort us and make us feel better. These two actually stayed snuggled up like this for a good 10 minutes.

cat’s just know things……

proof for Jan!

Jan is always claiming it is unbearably hot in our office…this is the temperature in our office that I walked into one morning…..

here’s a Picture that some guy took from his driveway

the view from my driveway…..

If you get this…let me know…..

Hannah Mouse finished her first 6-week dance class today. We went from running in the opposite direction from everyone in the first class to actually participating in the songs and dances with everyone and even sashaying down the dance floor with other other kids at the final recital. There were no incidents of putting any choke-holds of death on anyone, we even tried to share our beany baby with the little brother of one of the dancers who was crying for whatever reason. (They actually have one point in the dance recital where all the kids dance with the beanie babies between their knees and do something that resembles the twist.)
I am quite impressed. She may actually survive in large groups afterall.

We celebrated the dance recital by going to “Booger King” for supper followed by a trip to Dollorama for the fun of it. We wandered the aisles looking for something fun to bring home for Daddy. Just when we were sure that we were going to go home empty-handed, we spotted it in the very last aisle that we checked.

New Family Portrait

So Joe and I took the plunge

We purchsed central air.  (Not what you were thinking, was it. )   The air conditioning guys came out on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately the electrical part of the job could not be finished until tonight.  I had told anyone who was comining over this weekend that they should wear their snowsuits because I ws going to to have the air on no matter what.  Well since they couldn’t finish everything until tongiht, we have neither air nor heat!!!  We are all freezing here.  brrrrrrrrrrr