Putting Out Fires and Meeting Rabbits

This has been an exceedingly hectic week. I feel like I have been putting out one fire after another without actually finding out how the fires started in the first place. I have a huge proposal due by the 15th. I would really like to not have to work on Friday and actually enjoy a three-day weekend so I am trying my hardest to concentrate on this project and get it done byt 5.00 pm tomorrow night. Hopefully I can get a full day of concentration in all day.

The Allegro Mouse apparently had a mosquito in her room last night. She had nightmares all night long about “bees” biting her. When she woke up this morning she was covered in mosquito bites. She always has an allergic reaction to them and has to most horrible looking spots on her poor little body. Poor thing….. (She also dreamed that Mommy was making a mess in her room, but this means something totally different, I am sure. )

The Allegro Mouse went the the play group today with Cousin Allison and Baby Counsin Olivia. Accordning to Allison, we were very well behaved. Here is a little sample of her crafty work from the Early Year’s Play Group at the Community Centre in Port McNicoll. I am so glad that she got to go and have some fun with other kids her own age.

She starts her dance group for 2-4 year olds next month. My mother signed her up for this. I can’t imagine a group of kids this age signing up and doing anything together as a coordinated, choreographed group. I also never though she would ever sit still long enough to complete something like her Easter craft either, so I am sure I will eat my words again come dance class in May.

Easter is coming up quickly. We are not that excited about the Easter Bunny yet. We did have out picture taken with him at the Mountainview Mall. I am sure it was the same guy who was dresses as Santa at Christmas. I don’t know why she would sit with the Bunny and not with the old man handing out candy but whatever…..

Her (half-)brother is turning 16 on Saturday too. I don’t know where the time has gone. I remember doing crafts and fun things like this with him too. I am sure I could still get him to come over an cook with me. As long as his friends never found out! 🙂 I did catch him helping her with her tea set at Christmas time…….

Friday is the day of renovations around our house. Allegro Mouse is getting laminate flooring. We went and bought the trim tonight after work. Wow! Things are moving along. Before you know I will actually unpack boxes from our move last year at this time!
Happy Easter Everyone!


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