Photos, Paintings and Bagpipes?

We hosted yet another art show this evening. I love the art shows. They are definately one of my favorite parts of working at the museum. This was a particularly special one since I have known the artists and their families for a number of years. It was like a reunion of old interpreters from HHP.
Here is a picture of Darren enjoying a conversation with our old French teacher from Highschool. He’s kind of smiling in the photo, because I chose this moment take a picture to remember the evening and not any other suitable moment. Truth be known, my dark side chose this moment…..

Larry Ford let everyone in the immediate vacinity know that there was something fantastic going on at the Museum with some musical musings. I may make jokes about the bagpipes (for anyone interested I have a list of about 50) but kudos to Larry for finidng a musical calling and sharing it. Sharing music is such a personal thing. Bravo to anyone who has the confidence to be so public with something so personal.

We had a little over 60 people show up to take in the art show. Naturally the factotum extrodinaire came out to show off his new haircut. (see After clean up we all ended up at the local Kelsey’s for a quick drink and then home. All in all a good evening. Now I need some sleep if I am to keep up with the Allegro Mouse tomorrow! Posted by Picasa


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