40 lbs, 38 inches…..3 years old

We took the Allegro Mouse to the Doctor today for her check-up as a brand new three year old. She was very well behaved considering the recent behaviour we have been seeing from her. She let our Doctor weigh her (just shy of 40 lbs) , measure her )38 plus inches), look in her ears, mouth, nose and listen to her chest. All without a problem. The eye chart was a little bit of a problem. She was really interesting in naming the mundane shapes down the hall. I did let our doctor know that she is fully capable of spying Nemo Snacks from 2 miles away, so I really didn’t think that sight was in any way an issue. I did have to promise to practice those shapes with her so that she can maybe try the vision test again next time. We went shopping afterwards. She was once again a very well behaved mouse, which earned her a ball. As some of you may know, she did lose a ball at the Super Store for bad behaviour.

On other notes….Museum life is moving along, as it should. I have a number of proposals due in a very short time. Not to mention the report to a certain funder. We are currently working on putting everything together for that funder so that we fall into their good graces once again.

I am still recovering from last Saturday’s Mustard, Beer & Haircut night! (Remember, Alex??) Every time I base a “get-together” on a condiment, things do not end well for me. I might even have to admit that I am not as young as I used to be.

Joe ( after a lot of mustard) ended up trying to lure the raccoon over who attacked our cat onto the deck with a debreziner. When the raccoon did come, Joe ran after him (even through the neighbour’s yard) yelling “&$*# with my cat, will you!!” He put the debreziner back out onto the deck in hopes of bringing back the raccoon, but only succeeded in bringing a skunk to visit. This could have ended worse than it did……

Thursday tomorrow! Hurray! That means only one more day until the weekend. I will be working on Friday Night for Darren Todd’s Art Show. This should be a fun evening. I love the art shows. Anyhoo….Take care anyone who is reading this. Drop us a line. Come and visit or whatever!
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