Joe Hates this Cat

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Every night Joe says things about J.C. like:
“I hate this cat” “He’s all over me like a soup-sandwich” “If you were getting a cat, couldn’t you have at least picked one with a brain?”
Yet here he is with JC everynight….in this very position…..

This cat also became a very expensive cat recently.
Cost of Cat from Pet Store $17.99 plus tax
Special Cat Food Since his arrival in our house 4 bags @ $14.00 each
Litter Box, Cat Treats, cat Toys, Cat Dishes $35.00
Shots for Rabies, Feline Leukemia et cetera $80.00
Kafuffel with a Raccoon on the back porch FREE!!!
Vet Visit, Anesthtic, stitches, antibiotics, “don’t gnaw on the stitches collar” and what the hell let’s neuter him while he’s out: $237.00

Pets need a healthcare plan too!


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