Round One: Raccoon.

After 2 Debreziners, 3 oz of cheese, one cup of bird seed and a lot of excitement, the kind of whch you usually only see on Christmas Eve, this was the disappointing result.


Game on!

There will be no more broken bird feeders.
There will be no more dug up gardens.
There will be no more garage break-ins.

It’s game on!

Shouldn’t have left the sticker book out!

I am sure this seemed like a good idea at the time to her….It wasn’t! Posted by Picasa

Safety First!

Safety First!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Eastered Out!

The Rabbit came around today and left treats everywhere for the AllegroMouse. There were socks in the trees, dance leotards on the deck chairs, ponies on tree stumps and even Curious George was hidden in a tree. (Mine from way back)
It was a pretty good day for the mouse. She had a very busy day with Counsin Allison, Counsin Olivia Granny and Autie stopping by for Easter. It was all very tiring.
We had dinner at Grandma’s and Apo’s. we had way too much chocolate and passed out in the back seat for the car ride home. This made going to sleep tonight a little tough, but we managed.

We got to have lunch on the deck with our brother too. It was a all in all a pretty great day for the Allegro Mouse.
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He thought I wouldn’t do it!

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I always thought I was smarter than the average bear…

then I bought one of these stupid “cook pasta in a tube” deals. Because the old way is so much work! Not one of my brighter moments…I have yet to discover what you can cook in this that in anyway tastes reasonably good. Look for it soon at a lawn sale in my front yard……